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As a teacher, my goal is to provide information in the way that is best suited for each student.

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since 1990: Scott Burt piano studio in columbia, TN...Education through weekly private lessons and a variety of studio events.

I believe a supportive atmosphere with honest yet positive criticism allows students to become self-motivated, independent learners. Of course, for students to be satisfied with their progress in playing the piano, they must be willing to schedule practice time each day. This is required of each student in order to train their intellectual and physical development for playing the piano.

Once good practice habits have been developed, things get easier, playing becomes more fun, and students are able to focus on how to make a piece sound communicative. This focus on artistry and creativity allows the student's individuality to shine through their music.

I provide a thorough music education through weekly private lessons and a variety of studio events. Students are able to hone their performance abilities and learn how to receive outside feedback through both formal and informal performance opportunities and optional achievement evaluations.

I believe it is my responsibility as a teacher to continue growing throughout my career. I serve as an active member for local music teacher organizations, attend workshops, and stay informed regarding new perspectives on pedagogy. I also stay active as an adjudicator, which allows me to gauge the "pulse" in the field.

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An atmosphere of independent learning

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Up-to-date on current trends and active in music teacher organizations

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